Crystal Healing

Crystals are symbols of wealth and power and have been prized for millennia by healers, shamans and priests for their curative powers. Crystals are known to be the most orderly matter in the universe. As coherence is a stronger natural force than chaos, introducing order into a disorganized state, like placing a crystal on an aching muscle, can increase the chances of the imbalance or disharmony returning to stability and order. The therapeutic powers of crystals can be channeled to help balance bodily systems and emotions and to heal everyday complaints and ailments from headaches, migraine and stress, insomnia and lack of concentration.


The simple, powerful resonance of a crystal with its locked-in power of ancient fire and unique purity of form may help us reinstate our own balance and harmony. Crystal healing combines the color of stones with the appropriate ‘Chakra’. The color of a crystal will always indicate its main energy function.


** A wide variety of energised crystals are also available for sale.


Crystal Healing Services offered

   • Stimulate, Activate and Energize the Chakras
   • Boost energy flow and treat blockages
   • Helps in strengthening and preserving the body’s systems
     (e.g. nervous, digestive, immune)
   • Meditation with crystals for Higher connection
   • Helps in grounding and centering
   • Enhance communication both internal and external
   • Resolve emotional issues and clarify direction in life
   • Relieving pain
   • Releasing stress and aiding concentration
   • Help in restful sleep
   • Enhances home and workplace

About me

Chandana Sahoo Crystal Healing Therapy Delhi Gurgaon Noida


Ankur Jain
I have known Chandana didi from the past few months. I was lucky to meet her when i was going through the darkest phase of my life- Personally and professionally. The situation was so bad and upsetting that my emotional pain was transformed into physical pain. I wanted to change things but didn’t know how to do it, until I met Chandana didi. She introduced me to the concept of Angel Therapy and how we can change our life by thinking positive thoughts. She supported me and helped me feel safe and secure. She helped me to FORGET and FORGIVE everyone involved in the situation including myself.
The most astonishing experience I had was when I went for the healing of Bulge on my lower spine. Unfortunately, I developed it at an young age of 25 and I tried every possible thing from medicines to physiotherapy but nothing seemed to work. She provided me 21-day Reiki session which involved crystal healing, chakra clearing, chord cutting, grounding, aura cleaning, affirmations and EFT. The results were instant, 90% of my spine pain has reduced and now I have got back to my daily routine.
Chandana didi is an amazing human being, a true friend and a great healer. She brought me complete healing of mind, body and soul. I’ll always be thankful to god for sending an angel in the form of Chandana didi when I needed healing, hope and light, the most.
Sapna Sharma
Dear Chandana, It has been one journey with you ever since we have met. There are no denials that spiritual support is beyond all logics and if it comes through a well connected healer, it becomes easy to receive Divine Guidance and interpret your intuitions. Angel Card Reading has given lot of confidence, strength and support to take the right path. Not just this whenever I got my healing done by Chandana, I have felt noticeable change in me. Nothing changes overnight but small small steps towards BIG change makes vast difference. Thanks a lot Chandana. God Bless You, through you not just me but many more will benefit.
Chandana was the one who explained to me about the Angel Therapy and my life has changed since then for good. I also got my Past Life therapy done from her which was really good and healed me in a lot of ways. Its nice to have a person who not only understands your trouble but also goes out of her way to help to get over it. When you meet Chandana you get to know that her main aim is to heal people. Also I swear by her healing sessions, the result of which you get to see instantly. I would suggest everyone to go to Chandana for Reiki, Past Life Regression or for any other healing they are looking for as it is very important to go to the right person for the required therapy.
Saurabh Suman
It had been a world of indecisiveness and confusion all this while and the life was getting too much caught in this labyrinth and every effort to move this into the right track just seemed to be distant with time. Chandana has been a good friend and guide all through my trials and tribulations. This friend of mine not only influenced my mind with her positive thoughts but also through her Card readings has put my life into a definite direction with an extremely permanent influence on my mind which now finds decision making and drawing things closer to me which I desire.
Instances have been there where her strength invoking thoughts actually resurrected my confidence, mend my few broken relations, erase my doubtful mind with all negativity and attract positive outcomes through positive thoughts. In fact after her affirmations that she gave me I actually ended up with getting the best boss of my life who actually influenced my thoughts making myself a lot calmer and a better professional and person. This all happened because I attracted him into my life and like an angel he changed my life.
I am right now going through her crystal-grid therapy which is already showing some visible changes in my professional life and a few successes in my job are already showing up too.
I would thank Chandana for her professional guidance and more for her calm and serene nature to help me out of all ill wills and directing my life towards what I desire in life.
Vivek Kumar
Its all a new approach now, a new thought process , a new way to lead the life , which tells us to be Positive and send positive messages to the universe to receive the highest good in return. For this, our Guardian Angels and Archangels are always there to help us, its just we need to be aware of their existence in our life as messengers of God, who are always ready to help us, when we ask them for the Help...
All thanks to you Chandana Di, for helping us, to understand the divine guidance. The Reiki treatment and the Healing sessions followed by the powerful Chanting sessions have all helped me immensely in bringing positive changes to my life and ways to lead it ... Thanks to my Angels as well because of whom I was able to come to her ...